The ABCs of Human Figure Photography
Instructor: Jim Guzel of Aphrodite Photography

Section 1: Sat., Feb. 16th or Section 2: Sun. Feb. 17th, 2008    10:00 AM –6:00 PM
(Same Content and Models each day – take your choice of days while available) 

As I’ve said before, Photographic lighting doesn’t have to be complicated. But it really helps if you put some time into studying the best ways to enhance what you are photographing by the proper use of lighting.  In this case we are talking about the human figure, both in detail and in entirety.  Hence I’m offering a two-part workshop, Body Parts and Seeing the Shadows and Highlights

Understanding and recognizing how the details of human body look best, both in terms of position and lighting is essential to every type of portraiture, whether it is a business headshot, a wedding close-up of the hands and rings, or a classic fine art nude of the back or tummy.  And when the portrait encompasses most or all of the body, it is equally important to maintain this beautiful position and lighting throughout the photograph if the artist is going to create a truly outstanding image. 

In this workshop, we will concentrate on the following:
- Recognizing and creating graceful positions for the various parts of the body
- Creating lighting that enhances the appearance of the body in part and as a whole
- Guiding the subject into photogenic positions through both command and suggestion
- Seeing and using highlight and shadow values accurately
- Continued application of lighting techniques from previous workshops

In addition, a review of the morning images will be conducted during the lunch break. 

Two Terrific Models!!!!  Daniella - OMP# 300214 and Sativa – OMP# 32122
I’m really excited about having these two models.  Daniella has lovely eastern European grace and an interest in foot fetish modeling.  Needless to say, she will be our model for Body Parts.  Sativa has been one of the hottest models on OMP for quite some time and I’ve looked forward to working with her since the first time I saw her portfolio.  She will be the model for Seeing the Shadows and Highlights.  To view their portfolios, go to: and type their respective number into the “Quick Find” box at the top right of the screen. 

Workshop location: Sly Horse Studio, 12221 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852

 Workshop Fee: $250.00   January – New Year Special: $225.00, ends Friday, 01/18/08.
Reservations only, 10 participants per day, basic studio lighting familiarity required.

Saturday has one open slot and Sunday is filling up fast!!!  Act now or miss out!!!

To register, contact Jim Guzel at Tel: 202.362.2008 or email: