Aphrodite Photography specializes in portrait artistry of all things feminine, for personal or business purposes.

It is our philosophy that all true portraiture has its origins in the natural energy and beauty of our clients.  Consequently, all of our photography is based on creating a comfortable and affirming atmosphere that summons this energy forth and enhances the existing beauty of our clients.  As needed, we go to whatever lengths necessary to be assured of this happening.  That's a promise.  In support of this, we work in studio or on location, indoors or out, and we have the services of makeup, hair and fashion stylists available.  We even have a resident choreographer.  With the exception of basic business portraits, all sessions include a design consultation in addition to the portrait session itself.

Through the advancement of digital photography, we are able to provide color, black & white or sepia prints of the same image, along with a wide variety of enhancements.  Prints are available on textured fine art and traditional papers.  Given the care befitting fine art, they should last for generations.  For something truly unusual, we also offer infra-red black & white portraiture.

Personal Portrait Services include:

Aspire!  An approach to intimate portraiture that is so unique, we had to create a separate website just to explain it.  Combining photography and dance movement, along with music and visual imagery, our clients are immersed in a safe and nurturing environment that brings forth the inner grace and beauty that is natural to us all.

- Intimate  Specific to the beauty of your whole body, these sessions often involve nudity.  Fine Art Nude concentrates on the body as natural sculpture.  Boudoir allows for the inclusion of sexual content.  Pregnancy portraiture immortalizes the fulfillment of womanhood.

- Fashion  Similar to Model Portfolio sessions, designed around clothing and fashion accessories

- Lifestyle
  Who you are, what you do, your hobbies and interests, your family, friends and pets.

- Bridal & Wedding  Sorry!  Due to the popularity and time-intensive nature of our portrait sessions, with very few exceptions, we are only able to offer our bridal and wedding services to our prior clients and their recommended friends.

Portrait Services include:

- Business Portraits  Executive portraits in studio or in the work place, headshots or personality images for print advertising or web use, outdoor location images for real estate and architectural needs.  The skills we have learned in creating a relaxing environment for our intimate clients makes us highly qualified to work with any client who is ill at ease in front of the camera.  All beauty enhancement services such as makeup, hair and wardrobe styling, art work, choreography, and re-touching are also available for our business clients.  Business images are available as color or black & white prints or digital files.

- Model & Acting Portfolio  Headshots, comp cards, portfolio prints, graphic design.  Professionals whose work involves body movement such as dancers or athletes are one of our specialties.