Aphrodite Photography - About Us


Jim Guzel - Founder and principle photographer; graphic artist.
Member: Maryland Professional Photographers Association; Professional Photographers Association of Greater Washington
email: Jim@AphroditePhoto.com

"There is no such thing as perfect beauty.  But everyone can be perfectly beautiful."

Tiffiny Wolins - Choreographer, producer and theater artist;
co-creator of Aspire!
email: Tiffiny@AspireArt.com

"Beauty is anything that opens your heart."



Audrey Cupples - Photographer and owner of Audrey Cupples Fine Photography
email: goldie3@crosslink.net

Sue Harris - Photographer and owner of Sue Harris Photography
email: Sue@sueharris.com

Tatiana Sweeney - Stylist and owner of Alluring Designs
email: TatianaS1@aol.com

Charlene March - Make-up Artist
email: cmphotomu@aol.com